• Fire door companies cut corners and shoddy, most products are substandard

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    (Summary description)Fires happen frequently, but fire doors that can prevent fire, smoke, and high temperatures are "not fireproof." (Cao Yi/Picture)

    Fire door companies cut corners and shoddy, most products are substandard

    (Summary description)Fires happen frequently, but fire doors that can prevent fire, smoke, and high temperatures are "not fireproof." (Cao Yi/Picture)

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    • Time of issue:2012-08-06 09:41
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    Fires happen frequently, but fire doors that can prevent fire, smoke, and high temperatures are "not fireproof." (Cao Yi/Picture)
    "What if you don't have a fire prevention certificate, hold your brand to make fire doors", the company with a fire prevention certificate simply advertised to solicit fire door business.
    Fire door detection is easily affected by the subjective factors of the inspectors. “If you pass the customs, you will pass the customs, and if you don’t pass the customs, you won't pass the customs.” However, the company has a strong relationship with the local fire department.
    Originally, it could keep the Fire Death from the door, but now, the "door god" has lost his armor.
    This is the current situation of China's "door capital"-Zhejiang Yongkang fire door manufacturer. Fire doors that can prevent fire, smoke, and high temperatures are "not fireproof."
    In the past, the Yongkang Door Industry Cluster (including the neighboring Wuyi County) once accounted for 70% of the domestic production of anti-theft doors. With the popularity of high-rise buildings, fires have become the focus of prevention, and more and more Yongkang anti-theft door companies have turned to fire door production.
    From May to July 2012, Southern Weekend reporters investigated in Yongkang, Wuyi, Zhejiang and other places, and found that there were many chaos in fire door manufacturers, such as cutting corners, shoddy goods, and testing.
    Fire door suffers from "stondrosis"
    A thick layer of dust has accumulated on the machine, and the screws are rusty. If you scratch it, you will find two deep marks. This huge, dusty, long-term unused machine is called vacuum pressurized heating and flame-retardant treatment equipment, which is essential equipment for the production of wooden fire doors.
    "This flame-retardant equipment has not been used for two years. It was used at the time to apply for a fire protection certificate and was used during factory acceptance." Hu Qiang, Deputy General Manager of Fire Door Division, Zhejiang Jinhemei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinhemei Company) Say. Jinhemei Company is located in Huajie Industrial Zone, Yongkang, with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 fire doors.
    Flame-retardant treatment refers to the flame-retardant treatment of the wood used in the frame structure of the fire door leaf and door frame. It is understood that the frame and leaf frame of wooden fire doors are generally made of wood such as pine and fir. Before making the frame, the wood used must be thoroughly flame-retardant. In the conditions of fire protection certificate review, the fire department listed the fire-retardant treatment of wood as a key process, and clearly stipulated that the enterprise must be equipped with wood vacuum pressurized heating and fire-retardant treatment equipment.
    According to the information released by the Fire Products Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security, 9 companies in Yongkang and Wuyi have the qualifications to produce wood fire doors. Southern Weekend reporters investigated 6 of them and found that 4 companies did not perform fire retardant treatment on wood in accordance with regulations. . The flame-retardant equipment of these manufacturers is mostly used when applying for production qualification. Once it enters mass production, it becomes a display.
    Industry experts told the Southern Weekend reporter that the door frame and door leaf frame support the entire fire door, and the flame-retardant and heat-insulating filling materials such as perlite board are fixed in the middle of the door by the frame. ——In case of a fire, the skeleton will burn, the door leaf will be deformed or even collapse, and the fire door will lose its heat insulation and smoke prevention functions.
    More than one corporate salesperson said that the Class B wooden fire doors currently on the market may pass the fire inspection of the fire department, but the Class A fire door "will not have a standard one." Fire inspection means that the fire department inspects the fire and smoke resistance of fire doors by means of fire. Generally, Class A fire doors must pass the fire inspection for more than 90 minutes, while Class B fire doors must pass the fire inspection for at least 60 minutes.
    Like wooden fire doors, steel fire doors are also full of hidden dangers. More than 20 steel door companies surveyed by Southern Weekend reporters found that there are very few companies that strictly produce according to certification standards-there is room for cutting corners in raw materials, fillers, seals, fire locks and other accessories.
    Sale of fire prevention certificate
    Southern Weekend reporter's investigation found that in addition to the quality of fire doors, a large number of fire door companies are still doing another business.
    At present, the country implements strict license management for the production of fire doors, and must pass the factory condition review and product type tests to obtain the qualification for the production of fire doors.
    According to the information published by China Fire Products Information Network, as of the end of April 2012, a total of 49 companies in Yongkang and Wuyi have the qualifications for the production of fire doors, but the Southern Weekend reporter found that there are far more companies producing and selling fire doors.
    Zhejiang Xing'an Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., located in Xialixi Industrial Zone, Yongkang City, has not obtained a fire protection certificate, but it is producing fire doors. Zhang Xingguang, chairman of the company, said that fire doors can be produced, but these fire doors must be branded other than Xing'an's own brand, because other people’s fire protection certificates are required.
    Wuyi County Hongfu Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd. also produces fire doors without a license. Manager Ying of the sales department said, "We don't have a fire-proof certificate. We bought it from someone else. An ID card is between 30 and 50 yuan."
    "What to do if you don't have a fire protection certificate, hold your brand to make fire doors". Zhejiang Jingang Power Machinery Company, which has a fire protection certificate, simply advertised to solicit business.
    In Yongkang Hardware City, Zhejiang Tangmen Metal Structure Co., Ltd. even set up a sales department to solicit OEM business. This Yiwu-based company is a company that participates in the formulation of national fire door standards and values ??Yongkang’s OEM processing business.
    In the production workshop of Yongkang Feitian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Southern Weekend reporters saw two products with brand logos of other companies-one labeled Shanghai Zhenghuohuomen, and the other labeled Dongyang Kangzhuang Door Industry.
    According to the fire grade and product quality, fire doors are managed by different levels. However, during an interview with Zhejiang Qianyita Fire Technology Co., Ltd., a reporter from Southern Weekend found that the same type of wooden fire doors can be marked as Class B or Class A. door.
    "You want a Class B door, wouldn't it be better for me to give you a Class A certificate?" said the salesperson of Qianyita Company.
    The cost has soared, who does the real fire prevention?
    Generally, the standard wood fire-retardant treatment has the following steps: the wood is dried and put into a vacuum pressure tank, then the fire-retardant liquid is injected into the tank, and then the pressure is increased to make the fire-retardant liquid fully penetrate the wood. Generally, the high-pressure soaking time takes 6 After hours, the wood impregnated with the flame retardant liquid is finally taken out, aired, baked and dried before it can be used to make a door frame.
    After soaking in flame retardant liquid, wood will generally deform. Therefore, the flame retardant process consumes a lot of wood, even "100 pieces of wood, after being soaked (flame retardant), only 20 to 30 pieces can be used."
    "The door frame is flame-retardant, generally not available. If you do, add 60 yuan per square meter." Hu Qiang said.
    A shrewd businessman is very good at planning: for an increase of 60 yuan per square meter, each door will be more than 100 yuan, 100 doors will be more than 10,000 yuan, and the cost of a project will increase by hundreds of thousands.
    An insider told the Southern Weekend reporter that the cost per square meter for qualified Class B wooden fire doors should be more than 300 yuan, but the Southern Weekend reporter found that the manufacturer’s price was around 200 yuan per square meter.
    Cost has become the "fate" of all fire door companies!
    Steel fire doors are also reducing quality due to cost. The Southern Weekend reporter found that according to the standard door opening specifications, the lowest engineering quotation (excluding tax) for steel fire doors is 640 yuan , the most expensive quotation is 740 yuan , most of the quotations are concentrated around 680 yuan .
    Manager Li of the Sales Department of Zhejiang Furi Industry and Trade Company in the Yongkang Xiangzhu Industrial Zone told the Southern Weekend reporter that the price of more than 600 yuan is not a real fireproof door, and laymen can’t see it, whether it is the structure of the door, or the fireproof seal or fireproof. lock.
    Yongkang Feitian Door Industry Co., Ltd. Sales Department Manager Li said frankly that the cost price of Class B steel fire doors made in accordance with international requirements is at least 1,000 yuan.
    Many corporate sales staff admitted that the company’s steel fire doors can cope with general on-site inspections and fire inspections, but they cannot withstand fire inspections. Once fire inspections are conducted in accordance with national standards, they will show their original shape. The sales staff of these manufacturers reminded Southern Weekend reporters that they must have a good relationship with the local fire department and try to avoid being sent to the fire check.
    "Special offer door", iron relationship
    Of course, if you don’t want to show its true shape due to inspection, there are other ways for companies-to buy doors exclusively for inspection.
    "If you send it to the fire inspection, you must tell us in advance that we can make a special inspection door for you." When asked how to respond in case of random inspection, the sales managers of Yongkang fire door companies gave the reporters face-to-face advice.
    Lv Jiali, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Yongkang Intelligent Industry and Trade Company, said that the cost of each door that is sent to the relevant department for inspection is more than 1,000 yuan, such as the ingredients, density and quality of the glue used for the fire door core board. Is different.
    The sales manager of Zhejiang Jingang Power Machinery Co., Ltd. revealed that “the cost of the door for inspection is high, and it must be done manually, and it cannot be put on the production line.”
    During the interview of Jinhemei, the reporter found that the production workshop of wooden fire doors was busy. Hu Qiang told reporters that Jinhemei is still expanding another business, making fire-proof doors for other companies specifically for qualification inspection.
    According to Hu Qiang, to obtain the qualification for the production of fire doors, one must pass the burn inspection by the National Testing Center. Some companies that want to apply for the qualification for production do not have the ability to produce qualified fire doors, so they will entrust companies like Jinhemei to produce them. Of course , The price of such fire doors is ridiculously high. "The price of each door is 80,000 yuan, and we guarantee it will pass."
    Many companies told reporters that the existing fire door test results are easily affected by the subjective factors of the inspectors, "If you pass the barrier, you will pass the barrier, and if you don't pass the barrier, you won't pass the barrier."
    According to relevant enterprises in Wuyi County, when they send fire doors for inspection, they must give the inspectors a red envelope, "In Shandong, you need to send 10,000 yuan to burn a Class B door."
    However, those who have a strong relationship with the local fire department do not need to worry about inspection.
    The sales manager of an enterprise in Wuyi County assured reporters that there was absolutely no problem with fire inspection and acceptance. They had a good relationship with the supervisory department, and "you can survive a real burn." The manager also said that there is no problem with how their company's fire doors are made in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing because they have a good relationship with the local fire department.
    (This article Source: Southern Weekend Author: Liu Chang Zhang Weilong)

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